Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Re: Road Trip Wednesday #84: The Roof Is On Fire

This weeks's question is certainly interesting. If my house was on fire and I could only grab five things, what would they be? Kinda tough. It depends on what rules we are playing with. Is every living creature out of the house? If not then the first thing I would be doing is getting my brother, my parents and my two little dogs. Stuff can be replaced -- people and pets can't.

But lets not cheat. The Mini Wheats and the family are safe. Now what?

1. My purse. I keep all of my identification in here. I also have all the money I currently own, in cash, because I absolutely detest and loathe banking. If I let my purse get destroyed I would have to get all of my information replaced and I wouldn't have any money to take care of myself in the meantime. Purse contents would likely include: Wallet, lipgloss, flash drive (hopefully up to date!) and a pack of gum. I tend to travel light.

2. My iPod. Pop it free from the charger and pull the charger out of the computer. No way would I lose my music. My iPod is something I take with me everywhere I go. Plus, I could use the music to calm myself down once I got out and I could find somewhere with wifi to tell people what is going on.

3. The bound copy of my only completed novel, Ring of Darkness. I wrote it over ten years ago, I do not have a digital copy of it at this point, but I do have it in a white glittery binder. I would be trying to lug it out from among my other books and would probably be writing a catalog of those outside to replace them once I got insurance money.

4. The photo album of my trips with my grandparents as a child. It is the only place where I have photos of my grandpa, who passed away in 1996 and I know I will never get to take another photo of him again so making sure I grabbed this would be absolutely vital.

5. "Jay", my black build-a-bear that wears that Video Game pajamas. My boyfriend made him to go with Kat, the pink and orange build a bear in Hello Kitty pajamas. (Okay, honestly? I'd cheat and grab them both since they'd be two feet apart.) The reason I am saying that I would pick "Jay" if I had to over "Kat" is because the real Jay (my boyfriend) recorded a message of him telling me that he loves me on it. We're long distance so it is nice having that at the push of a button.

Anyway, there's my list. I'm not sure whether I'd actually be able to carry all of that (although I suppose I'd stick the iPod in my purse and sling the purse over my arm.) but that was not something that was indicated in the description. Its funny how little trouble I actually had coming up with this list. There was a lot of crap that I had to cut through. It's also interesting, to me, that most of the things I would want to save are not actually my most financially valuable possessions.


  1. Yay for white glittery binders! Great list :)

  2. Love your list full of meaningful things. They all beat out Mini Wheats.


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