Monday, August 1, 2011

Revision Collage

This morning there was a good post over on Lyla Lee's blog about the idea of making a revision collage to counter the stress of going through multiple edits and revisions on a novel. I'm still in the notes stage for my first round of revisions on Moon Dance. But since I am finding revising my book to be a little scary and daunting I decided to give this a go. You can view the original post about this topic here.

Here is my collage for Moon Dance. Beneath it, I'll do my best to tell you what the heck all the images actually are. :D

Click for larger image.
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. Amy Farrow: One of Kess and Jayden's friends, and Hycanth House's Healer in Residence.

2. Carita Veradayne: Guardian Instructor, Priestess of Ruby and, oh yeah, Kess' "Mom".

3. Echo Kharrol: Prophet, Eternal Teen and Guidance Councilor extraordinaire.

4. Isabelle McChella: Sarena and Cait's fashion crazy BFF, who drives a pink mustang.

5. Eleyna Farrow: Amy's mother. Loremaster and Lady of Earth for the Council of Seven.

6. Isabelle and Kyden: They hate each other now, but they'll love each other later.

7. Jayden Lengton: Sarena's older brother, who thinks that he is hot. Also Guardian to Kesyl.

8. Sarena and Kesyl: Our hero and heroine. The God of Justice gets a girlfriend -- hopefully she can chill him out. Aren't they cute?

9. Kyden, the Deceiver: Lord of Plagues and eventual best friend of Sarena Lengton. He loves her like a sister.

10. Moonbeam: The dress that Kesyl buys Sara a few days after she sees it when they first meet Kyden. Yes, it actually does exist. (Enchanted lace closures not included.)

11.  Hycanth House: The main residential building of the place where Jayden, Kess and Amy go to school. Don't worry, the others will get there. Eventually.

12. Ruby: Goddess of the Moon, birth mother of Kesyl and 'Queen of Heaven'. She knows if Kesyl finds out all she's done she's screwed, so she's determined to get rid of him.

13. The Bug: Kesyl's powder blue VW Beetle, which he promises he'll give Sarena once she passes her driver's test.

14. Cait and Avish: He's not as bad as he makes people believe and she's not as normal as people think. Their relationship is complicated, but they are perfect for each other. Trust me.

15. Aquarius: The hangout that Sara and friends go to after school in Sterling Falls. The staff are Kindred -- good luck getting a drink if you're under age and human. :p

16. Sarena and Jayden: Sara's spent her whole life looking up to her big brother. But when the path he takes starts to look a bit shady, will she have the strength to go her own way?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my collage! I'm glad my idea inspired you, too. :)I have mine as the wallpaper on my computer so I can look at it whenever I get discouraged.


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