Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Blogger Hop (Sept. 16th)

Hosted by Crazy for Books

As a book blogger, how do you introduce yourself in your profile?

My "about me" is pretty basic. I mention my family, that I'm from Ontario and that I studied English and Cultural Studies at Trent University. I also mention my work in progress, Moon Dance.

But when I am specifically talking about my book blog here at I Write, I Read, I Review my focus generally isn't on me: it's on my love of Young Adult fiction. So maybe the best way to answer this week's question is to talk about that. 

Why Do I Love YA?

It's simple really. Even though I am 29 I share something in common with every other 20-something plus in the world: I was once a teenager. I think it's awesome how many adults I have found who share my passion for YA. I think there is something about getting to go back to those teen years. About getting to imagine what might have happened had it all gone differently. 

Whether it's winning the attention of the hottest guy in school, fighting for the opportunity to win that dream scholarship or finding a way to save the world... Anything that a teen wants they want truly, madly, deeply. There is a need for something to be had now. An urgency, determination, hopefulness and perhaps just a tinge of desperation that is felt for the things we crave during this time in our lives. A sense of passion and ambition that seems loses its zeal and its sharpness as we age.

Reading about characters who are still totally in flux, and for whom any door can be opened, allows me to remain "young at heart" as Frank Sinatra would say. The teenage years are such a vibrant and exciting time during one's life that getting to see the end results of a million different possibilities is endlessly fascinating to me. 

So there you have it. That is why I read YA. And YA is why I blog about books. How about you? What do you tell people about yourself as a book blogger? 


  1. New follower via Book Blogger Hop hoping you will follow back at thks in advance x

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head there with us "older people" reading YA. I'm only almost 24, but that sums it up perfectly.

    Hopping back from Pif. Now Following.

  3. Happy to have followed you from the Book Blogger Hop!

    Hope you'll follow me back:

    Tammie Clarke Gibbs, Author
    Kindle Bestseller, ISLAND OF SECRETS

  4. This week’s Book Blogger Hop really threw me a curveball.

    That’s because I don’t call myself a book blogger. I never even considered myself a book blogger. Sure I blog about books and book-related topics week after week. But for some reason I never saw the label of “book blogger” applying to me.

    If you’re wondering why then please hop on over to my blog and find out –

    Howard Sherman

  5. When I first started reading YA, I was emabarrassed to do it in public. I mean, it had been a long time since I was a teenager! I love it that it's so common now for adults to read - and love - YA. Such an awesome trend!

    Glad to have found you via the Hop :)


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