Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poll: Book Wars #2

Last Week's Poll:

Last week I asked you guys which book, of five listed, you are most excited about on the 27th. I have since learned there are a lot of good releases I didn't know about. My apologies if your choice was not listed. Anyway, here are the results:

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer 54%
Daughter of Smoke and Bone 26%
A Beautiful Dark 9%
The Mephisto Covenant 5%
None of the Above 5%
A Monster Calls 1%

Thanks for voting! The number of people getting involved seems to be going up and that is awesome since it makes for a more fun poll. :D

This Week's Question:

Which book are you looking most forward to: Carrier of the Mark or Lola and the Boy Next Door? If you want to read the summaries, why not drop by my Giveaway Page, where you can even enter your name to win one of these books from me? :D I will include images of the books, along with links to their pages on GoodReads, too.

Click for Summary
Click for Summary

Let the latest Book War begin. Which of these awesome titles do you want most? Let your voice be heard and vote! :D

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