Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poll: How Do You Choose Your Books?

First, I'd like to thank everyone who voted in last week's Book Wars poll. Shut Out actually did "shut out" Sweet Venom with a score of 14:0, so I will do my best to get a review up for you guys as soon as I'm finished reading. :D

This week's poll is about how you pick your books. I'm curious to see what information about books helps the readers on my blog and what doesn't really matter. So, here are the things I can provide you guys with (promotional materials permitting). Let me know what helps you out.


Quite simply, these are what I did in my September Preview article. This is where I grab an image of the book(s), their summary, their trailer if they have one and then share why I'm looking forward to reading them. I had a lot of fun doing my September Preview and I hope that it got you guys excited for some of the awesome books releasing this month. But obviously, I need to know. :)

Book Trailers:

Should I start doing a weekly Book Theatre themed post? I don't make my *final* decision on a book based on its trailer, but once it joins my TBR pile, if it has a trailer I am generally curious to see it.


My site does a lot of reviews. But I follow a lot of other awesome sites who review well, too. I often get recommendations or ideas by visiting them. Would it help you if I listed reviews from other book bloggers on the books I'm reviewing?


Do you guys prefer the GoodReads Summaries or did you like it better when I described the book? (Yes, I admit I got a little lazy / wasn't sure which way worked better.) Summaries are kind of like what we might read on the back of a book at the store. They're really important.

First Pages:

Would you guys like it if I included a link to amazon if the first pages of a book are viewable / downloadable for Kindle (which you can get a PC version for if you don't own an actual eReader). I know that when I make my reading selections I always check to see if I can do this, but I haven't been including them because I don't know if they would help others.

Word of Mouth:

Do you get recommendations from lots of different sources before you read something, or do you tend to either know what you like or have a specific group of people / resources that you use?

Anyway... Please feel free to vote on my poll. Also, please feel free to leave comments about these options. I want to make sure that I am giving you the best information that I can so that I can help ensure that you get connected with books that you think are awesome.

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