Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Re: Road Trip Wednesday #94: When They Were Young...

This week's Road Trip Wednesday question is: Which adult character(s) do you think would make a good teen MC?

Well, I have two that come to mind. One from anime, and one from a book.

Iroh, from Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the midst of a vast and aggressive nation that has been at war nearly 100 years with the intent of dominating the entire world, one man seems to have endured and retained a certain level of civility, honour and decency. Yes, Iroh became a General for the fire nation. But by the time that we see him in Avatar, his fiery past has been tempered by wisdom, compassion, empathy and loss.

How many trials did he have to endure to become the man he is now? Has he always had some type of inner core that has lead him to do -- or at least attempt to do -- the right thing. Or did he earn that, as Zuko does? Did he love the woman who carried his son or was it some form of an arrangement? Did he want to be a General? What were his thoughts on the war at a young age -- do they match how he feels now? What was his relationship with his own father like and how might that have influenced how he felt about his own son, and later Zuko? What was his relationship with his brother, the current Fire Lord, like? How did he become a Grand Master of the White Lotus? Has he always been so fond of tea?

So many questions, so little time...

Lily Evans from Harry Potter

We all know what Hogwarts was like for Harry. But how about his mother? Lily is full of interesting questions. What was it like finding out she was a witch? Was she close to Petunia before this? Did she feel betrayed, or pity her sister, or taunt her sister? Did Lily's parents actually favor her because of her letter or is this something Petunia imagined?

What kind of friendship did she share with Severus? Did she ever have feelings for him? Did she realize he had feelings for her? Why was she eventually drawn to James Potter, despite he and his friends' tendency to make fun of Severus? How did James win her over? Did she retain her friendship with Severus or did it fall apart? Who's choice was this?

Anyway, those are my two choices. Who would you pick? Feel free to let me know or link me to your post for RTW. Thanks for reading. :)


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