Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading Through Thursday: Queue

What Are You Reading Now?

I finished Jekel Loves Hyde.

Would You Recommend It?

Absolutely not. Flat characters, slow plot and sheer unending boredom. It was one of those books where the premise sounded totally awesome but the execution sucked. Which is saying something ... Because I don't say a book "sucks" too often. (I know how tough it is to write a draft, let alone actually finish revising and editing a novel!)

What Are You Reading Next?

If the poll at the top of the page is any indication, it looks like I'm going to be reading Shut Out by Kody Keplinger as of 6 p,m. this evening. Truthfully? I'm counting down the minutes. I really enjoyed The DUFF and I have been very eager to read Shut Out ever since I heard it was releasing. I've had the book sitting on my shelf since Sunday and resisting the temptation of reading it before the poll is done has been torture!

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  1. Oh, too bad Jekel Loves Hyde didn't work. Recently I've felt that my attempts to read adapted old school classics have just totally bombed. Hope your next pick is better!

  2. Glad to see such a honest response! As the last commenter mentioned adapted old school classics -- I agree, why re-make the original when it was so good in the first place?

  3. Shout Out looks good. I've never been able to get into most things like Jekle. Leave the classics alone, lol.

    House Millar - BTT


  4. I can't wait to hear what you think of Shut Out. The description makes it sound like it is about nothing more than sexual manipulation. I am waiting to read some fellow bloggers reviews before adding it to my library.

  5. Sorry the last book wasn't very good. Like you, I would have been drawn in by the clever title.

  6. Sorry about your book, hope Shut Out is better.

  7. Sorry, your not liking your book! I want to read Shut Out! New follower!

    My BTT


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