Friday, October 14, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday (Oct. 14th)

Q.If you could have characters from a particular book meet and form an epic storyline with characters from a particular TV series, which would you choose and why?

I wonder what would happen if we put this...

... Together with this:

Oh, the possibilities! 

Would Four be trying to figure out how to work Moya?

Would Aeryn and Tris get along? Would Christina's honesty get her in trouble or help her out?

What would Eric think of D'Argo? I bet that could be one hell of a fight, considering D'Argo's temper and Eric's tendency to be a jerk.

Would Chianna be trying to break up the factions because she felt they were too rigid and reminded her too much of Nabari Prime? 

Would Rygel try to take advantage of the politicians from Abnegation?

Would Scorpius attempt to entice the members of the Erudite faction to find a better way to cool his brain? 

These are just a few of the things that I came up with. I guess that's what happens when you take a great TV show and a great book and mix them together. :)

So what was your pick? I'd love to know, so feel free to leave a comment. 


  1. I love your comment in my post Kathy! You made it even more exciting for me to watch Twilight Stars with Vampire Diaries stars! =D

    Oh, and I love Four and Tris! It would be a big AWESOMENESS to see them on TV... I'm not familiar with Farscape, though *sigh...

    Thanks for visiting my post today =)
    xoxo, april

  2. That would be so interesting to see. Great Answer

    Thanks for visiting my FF today
    now following you back

  3. Sadly I haven't read Divergent yet, but it's been on my list for a while! Hopefully I can get to it soon! And I don't think I've ever heard of Farscape! Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out.

    Great picks. =) You surely had a lot of possibilities!!

  4. As long as Divergent was involved I would read it :) Great pick!

  5. Hopping through for Feature & Follow Friday.

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    Have a great weekend!
    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

  6. I actually haven't been able to finish Divergent. I need to give it another shot. ASAP!!
    But, I've never heard of the show I don't think. I'll have to check it out soon.
    New follower here.
    Please check out mine? Here! :)

  7. Farscape - I loved that show!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I heard a lot about Divergent, but I haven't yet read it. Don't think I've seen Farscape.

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Am following you back. I haven't seen Farscape but I've read Divergent and anything crossed with that book is bound to be kick ass!


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