Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Give = We Give: My Books Arrived!

If you've been following along here at I Write, I Read, I Review for any length of time you might know that this year I've taken part in an event called You Give = We Give. In short, it is a project to get people to donate books to go under a K-Mart wishing tree so that they will be given to less fortunate families who need gifts to open this Christmas.

Every year I say I'm going to do something like this, and this year I finally did. Thanks to Book Depository, sending the books off was completely painless and hassle-free. And today I finally got to see that they have arrived and are awaiting being set up to go under the tree. Please note that not all of these came from me:

Of the books shown in this picture, I donated four: The Iron King, The Sky Is Everywhere, Perfect Chemistry and Shut Out. These are some of my favorite books that I have read since starting my blog and I hope the people who receive these come Christmas morning love them as much as I do.

If you haven't heard of You Give = We Give or haven't gotten around to donating anything yet, I highly suggest that you click here. Time is running out, but it isn't all gone yet.

We are book bloggers. I know that a lot of us eat, sleep and breathe these things. It can be hard to remember for some of us (and probably hard to forget for some of us, too) that ...

Books are magic. They are love, hope, courage, joy, sorrow and transformation somehow pinned down and forced to take a solid form. A well chosen book is a wish brought into being; it can bring about miracles, it can change a life. Within the pages of a book, anything is possible.

So this holiday season, share a little magic. Donate a book. :)


  1. Thanks so much for posting this - I had no idea about it and something I would love to do!

  2. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. x45215494623

    Thank you so much for donating to the event and I can't wait for the lucky reader to dive into these on Christmas! I have no doubt they're going to love them just as much as you (and me! I <3 Perfect Chemistry and The Iron King).

    <3 this post!

  3. What a nice idea, thanks for posting this. This is something I would deffinetly be interestedi in doing :) Also fab book choices, I absolutely loved perfect chemistry!


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