Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey, Kat! Where Have You Been?!

I've been abducted by aliens. True story. Okay, wait. I'd better back up and start from the beginning, huh?

Some of you may remember me saying that I got my copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic a few days before Christmas. And I was doing a pretty good job of balancing that and this. But now my boyfriend has it, too. Which means we *finally* have something to do together. (We're long distance) So I've been on here a lot with him.

I've also, honestly, needed the break to recharge my batteries. Everything I was reading was in danger of blurring into one mass ball of text. Please note that nothing I have reviewed has suffered from this. But when I noticed this I decided to take a break from reading so much, and if you don't have anything new that you've read, updating a book blog becomes ... difficult.

Please don't worry! I'm not going anywhere. :D But for the time being, I am probably going to be posting less then I was in the fall. During October and November, this blog was pretty much *all* I did. Which, at the time, was totally fine and I was happy that way.

But between Star Wars, being in a new singing contest and doing edits for Moon Dance, my time is a bit more spread out. Which is good, in a way, as it should prevent me from getting completely burnt.

So, with that said, I bet you're wondering what I'm going to be doing in the near future? I suppose you guys deserve that, considering the almost two weeks of silence.

Right now I am reading Destined by Jessie Harrell. So you can look forward to my thoughts on that within the next few days.

I should be putting up an In My Mailbox post this weekend. I finally have a working camera again and hopefully this one will not break after two uses. (I have to admit that made me angry...)

I'm planning to organize some kind of My Book Boyfriend contest for Valentines Day, so stay tuned for the details on that when I iron them out.

Anything I was scheduled for -- such as being part of the Blue Sky Days blog tour and the Miss World blog tour, will go off without a hitch like it would at any other time.

Anyway, I hope that everything is going good for you guys! Jay's actually out right now so I'll likely be making the rounds and leaving some comments once I make a cup of cocoa. Have a great day!

By the way ... Anyone interested in a review of Star Wars: The Old Republic? I know it's not a book, but I'd be happy to give some feedback if people are curious. :)


  1. She's alive!!! I've missed you Kat. :-)

    I'm getting kind of worried that I'm going to get burned out from everything...between writing, reading, and blogging, that's pretty much my whole life, and I think I'm pushing myself a bit too hard. And yet, I know that if I take a break, it's all I'll think about so...gah.

    Re: your comment on my blog today (thanks for visiting, btw!), I think it's the cost that's held me back from getting an ereader. I'm seriously poor...I can't even really afford to buy books right now, let alone an ereader. Plus I'm sometimes technologically challenged and I guess I'm kind of worried I won't be able to figure it out haha. Hopefully soon though, because reading all these books on the computer when I already sit here to work 8-12 hours a day is adding to the burn-out!


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