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In My Mailbox (Feb. 25th)

In My Mailbox is a weekly feature hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren where we get to share the fabulous books and book related things that we bought, borrowed or received this week. Curious what I got? Scroll down and take a peek! And don't forget to link me so I can drop by, say hi and have a look at your new treasures. :)

For Review: 

Hope's Journey
by Stephanie Worlton
Sydney is a straight-A student heading to college on a scholarship, and Alex is a quiet jock preparing to serve an LDS mission. But their dreams are shattered on the eve of their high school graduation when they find out that Sydney is pregnant. Separated, they must both trust in God as they search for the worth they once found in each other.

I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted about reviewing Hope's Journey and being part of the tour. I read about this book a few months ago and had been curious since. I've already zipped through it, I'm working on my review and I'm preparing questions for my interview with Stephanie. The Hope's Journey blog tour will be stopping by on April 10th. 

I Bought: (Physical)

You had to see this
one coming, guys!
Not bad for the price.
I love this thing.
Worth every penny.

Anyone who's been around I Write, I Read, I Review knows that anything House of Night related is a complete insta-buy for me. So I had to pick up Lenobia's Vow when I saw it at WalMart. Why haven't I reviewed it yet? Well, I know it's gonna end sad. And even though I know it's the past and there is hope in the present, I'm actually such a sap that this is holding me back. Give me time. It'll get done.

As for the two Hunger Games movie books, they were on sale so I pretty much went "Why not?". The Tribute Guide is alright for the $6 or so it cost me. I may like it better if I spend more time with it. The Illustrated Movie Companion was more expensive (I think I paid $15 or so after the sale) but I absolutely love it and I feel it was worth every penny. Can you tell I am excited for the movie? :D

I Bought: (Kindle)

Yeah, this is new! I'm trying to highlight what I buy for my Kindle now. I finally figured out how to organize everything into categories. If you saw the video I did during the Wicked Winter Readathon you probably saw that my room looks like it is under constant attack from a tornado of books. A ten by ten space is not the place to house a library. :p Anyway, curious what I've been downloading? Well, have a look. :) 

A Hunger Like No Other is something that Darkfallen and Greta from Paranormal Wastelands talked about when they visited for a Saturday Spotlight post. I've wanted to read it ever since. When I saw how many books are in the Immortals After Dark series I figured it would be a good choice to start adding to my Kindle. I've already finished and reviewed this. I love it and gave it five hearts. 

Shadows, to my knowledge, is a prequel to Obsidian. Remember that book? It's one that I had wanted to read for ages and that I totally devoured when the opportunity to do that came up. I loved it. Downloading this for my kindle was an absolute no-brainer since I'm dying to dive in and the physical book does not appear to be available in Canada yet.

Dark Lover is something I bought out of curiosity. I've heard fantastic things about J.R. Ward for years and had not given her a chance for various reasons. Well ... I'm conflicted. I don't hate this book, but I'm not falling truly madly deeply for it either, which is really too bad. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose. It can happen just as easily with a physical book. At least if I do end up DNFing this (not sure what I'm doing yet) it won't be cluttering my floor.

Ryder is the debut novel of my friend Greta Maloney. (Yep, that's the same Greta I mentioned earlier.) I had no idea she was writing a book, but the moment I found out onto the Kindle it went. I've already read it and put up my review. In short, if you like werewolves and original fairy tale retellings you need to zip over to Amazon and grab Ryder *now*. It is gripping, original, well written and memorable. (Another easy five hearts.)

Well that's "it" for me this week. :) I think I did really great, especially considering how much of this stuff that I actually read! :) I hope that the "book fairy" was every bit as kind to you. :D Have a great day! 


  1. Enjoy all of your books! I've been highlighting ebooks lately, too. This week, I purchased an ebook by Sarah Prineas for only ninety-nine cents and it made me so happy!! Love these deals! (Also? Her MG novel--recced by Kristin Cashore--WINTERLING is worth a read!)

  2. njoy all
    Hope's Journey sounds gr8

  3. Hi again!

    Sorry, it's my first giveaway, so somethings are slipping my mind. ;~) But yes, for this giveaway winners can be in either Canada or the U.S.


    1. The only way to learn things is to do them. :) I think the prizes you have for the giveaway are totally amazing, btw. All three books look totally awesome! I hope you get a few more entries -- I certainly know it can be disheartening to put something together and have no one show up.


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