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Should I Keep Reading?: Unearthly

Normally I read a book and then I review it. If I decide DNF is the right solution for a book I stop and keep my thoughts to myself. But I think that it might be worth talking about some of the books that I feel stuck on. Maybe I'm quitting them too soon, or maybe people just want to know what I think about something, even if I'm not going to attach a score to it.

I'm currently 108 pages into Unearthly, at the start of Chapter Six. And I must tell you all, I am deeply conflicted. There are things that I really love here, and things that are making my skin crawl and / or boring or annoying me. I'll talk about my thoughts on the good and the bad, and then, my dear readers, I will be asking you what the post title says: "Should I Keep Reading?". That's your chance to weigh in.

What Do I Like?

  • The angel mythology is interesting. I am not a huge fan of the fact that we get it as a flashback, but it didn't kill the book for me. I like the fact that Cynthia Hand has clearly thought out how her universe works. I like the fact that it is unique (at least within my reading experiences; I'm pretty new to angels as a PNR / fantasy creature). 
  • Tucker cracks me up. I think that he has an interesting attitude and I like the interactions between him and Clara. (Currently he annoys her, I think.) It will be interesting to see how that progresses.
  • I like how well Cynthia has developed the school that Clara goes to when her family moves, as well as the friends she seems to be making along the way. 
  • I like how things like having to switch school, or deal with bad hair, or needing to make friends -- essentially things that I would be looking for if I was reading contemporary -- are considered and addressed here. It's obviously not as deep as it might be if they were the center of the novel, but the balance Clara has to deal with between being part angel and being a 17 year old girl makes for interesting reading.
  • I thought that the idea of Clara having a purpose and the reader learning more about it as the story continued and she prepared to face it was going to be an interesting premise.

What's Driving Me Nuts?

  • Clara's interactions with Christian this far make me feel like I am reading about a female version of Edward Cullen. She has this semi-stalkerish quality that is annoying both because its *weird* and because she is coming across as desperate for his attention as a girl (rather then researching for her purpose). 
  • This part of it likely comes from the fact that Christian has a girlfriend, Kay. I don't care how bitchy she is -- she was there first. Plus, last I checked Clara's job is to save him, not to date him. The constant thoughts she has of him seem to lean far more toward her being attracted to him, and at this point nothing has been introduced that makes this make sense. 
  • Clara herself. She's whiny and needy. She complains too much. She constantly thinks about Christian to a point where it seemed creepy and obsessive to me. (She seems more focused on 'He's cute' then on, 'Okay, what do I need to learn about him so I will be ready when the time comes?'. 
  • Clara even goes so far as to totally ditch Wendy, one of the new friends she has made at her new school, so that she can follow Christian to where he and his friends are having lunch. Even if Wendy is a new friend, I still cannot respect a girl who does that kinda crap, and the results of her actions drew no sympathy from me. 
  • I'm beginning to have the sinking suspicion that this whole "purpose" thing might just be a way to allow Clara to stalk a hot guy and likely end up with him by the end of the book. (To be clear, that last part is a *guess*.) My response to this, despite me being me, is actually *yawn*. I know, I'm shocked about that too. Truthfully I'm more interested in Tucker.

So, what are your feelings on Unearthly? Did you love it, hate it, feel 'meh' about it? Or perhaps you haven't read it yet and were leaning one way or the other? This is definitely an opinion piece, guys. And your opinions are both wanted and welcome. 

...Should I Keep Reading?


  1. Keep reading and...I'll try not to be too spoilery, but...I think your interest in Tucker will be rewarded!

  2. It took me awhile to get into it - i agree with your reasons for not loving it right now. I persisted. It was okay but I didnt buy the secondbook which might give you my final answer to your question! (tucker is lovely though)

  3. Persist. Some of the things that bug you will get MUCH better. Some things won't. But the world-building and overall story arc are worth it, I think.

  4. I'd persist. I enjoyed Unearthly but the sequel, Hallowed is simply amazing; I cried my eyes out! Good luck and have fun with Tucker, that boy is swoonylicous! ;D

  5. Definitely keep reading! It ended up being one of my favorite reads!

  6. I considered getting this book, but a few reviews didn't convince me that I needed to get it. Plus, when I saw it, it just seemed like another cliche girl meets boy paranormal YA romance that was very popular after Twilight. And I am just tired of those. If I were reading the book and feeling the way you were, what I would do is flip to the end to see what happens. lol

  7. If you keep reading, Tucker becomes even more awesome.

    Book Two has even more of the cool angel mythology.

    But... Christian doesn't go away, and to be honest, I'm still not a fan.


    The second book is WAAAY BETTER than the first.


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