Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Write, I Read, I Review has...

I love pink. And I really loved the design I had up here from November until now. But after six months of that, I figured that maybe it's time for a change. One of the main things I wanted to express when I designed this is that it's spring / summer. As much as I loved my old background, the snowflakes mixed with butterflies and the heavy shade of rose it was made me think 'winter'. It's May now -- the snow can go on a nice long vacation.

But my goal is far more then a face lift. I'm creeping up on my one year blogversary (it's next month) and with that in mind I'm doing a lot of thinking about what I want from the next twelve months as a writer, a reader and a blogger. I find it so hard to juggle all three, even though they are all inter-related to some extent. If I'm writing, I think I should be reading. If I'm reading, I'm worried about what's going on with my blog. If I'm blogging, there's a nagging voice that asks why I'm not writing. That's something I need to work on.

I've also carried over my shopaholic tendencies into my book buying habits. I buy far more books then I can actually read and then when new books come out I want those, too. Yes, I can use my Kindle to somewhat sweep that under the rug, but that's not the point. Books are like the dust drawing God drew on the ground -- they do not come alive until we, as readers, breath into their nostrils by turning to page one and being willing to listen. A book isn't helping anyone if it's sitting on my shelf unread.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and I can't shift my habits as a blogger nearly as quickly as I changed the design here at I Write, I Read, I Review. But hopefully a change in visuals will encourage me to make other, much deeper changes to how I do things around here.

My goal, as always, is to provide those who read my blog with quality content that gets people thinking or gets people talking. Thanks so much to everyone who drops by to visit. It really does mean a lot to me.

With high hopes for a bright future filled with wonderful stories,


  1. It's so bright and wonderfully Summer! Very nice!!

    Lindsay @ ="http://www.turningthepages.ca"

  2. Looks really nice, Kat! So bright and colourful, perfect for the season. I'm the same way about writing, reading, and blogging - when I'm doing one, I feel like I should be doing one of the others. It's sooo hard to find balance sometimes. That's actually one of my goals for May - get my head together and get better organized, manage my time better, etc, so I don't feel guilty, or feel like I'm wasting time.

  3. Hey! I like the new look! It's bright, but not overwhelming. It definitely has the cheerful, "Spring" vibe. I have a lot of books piled up on the TBR pile too. There just isn't enough time in the day to read everything I want to read.


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