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Feature and Follow Friday (Sept. 7th)

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. The goal of this hop is to discover new blogs to follow and to visit other blogs that have answered this week's question. There is also a different blogger featured every week and you should check them out, too. :)

This week's question is:

Q: What are you reading now? How do you like it? 

I just finished Savor by Megan Duncan and The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter.

I thought that Savor was a fun read. I liked the heroine and thought the love triangle was relatively unique. I did not love the too-obvious nods to The Princess Diaries. They went past being flattering and stepped into questionable territory.

The Goddess Legacy (and the Goddess Test series all together) is something I know people thought I would hate. I can be a bit of a snob about Greek mythology. But I knew I wasn't picking the book up to compete against Edith Hamilton's Mythology before I ever went in. I loved this in the exact same vein that I loved The Lightening Thief. I can completely appreciate a fresh take on classic myth, provided I don't have someone telling me it's suppose to be a re-enactment. That's when the gloves come off.

I'm actually trying to decide what I will read next. Right now, I think it's going to be between these:

Any suggestions? :)

So, what have you read? What are you reading now? I'd love to know so feel free to leave a link and I'll drop by.


  1. I loved Storm, and I've heard many positive things about Pushing The Limits.
    I haven't read The Goddess Legacy but it sound interesting.

    New follower.
    My Feature & Follow =)

  2. Great titles! I haven't heard of Savor before, though. The other 4 books are on my tbr, wishing I could get to read 'em one day.
    Here's my FF.. :)
    Happy weekend!
    *New follower. :)

  3. I've heard many people liking PUSHING THE LIMITS :)
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  4. Pushing the Limits was simply amazing ~ loved every word of it... *new follower*

    Here's my FF

    Happy Reading :)

  5. Oh yay, I feel the same way about Greek Mythology. Just don't pretend you're telling the entire story and I'm fine with whatever you write XD I definitely recommend Pushing the Limits, I didn't think I'd like it, but I loved it! I'm a new follower :)
    My Friday Post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  6. I am not sure about the Goddess Legacy. I didn't really like the other books. I might try it out though.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I'm not sure about continuing The Goddess Test. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I've heard a lot of good things from Pushing the Limits. New Follower.

    Sydney @ Starry Storm

  8. Darkness before Dawn is high on my wish list, so I would pick that one if I had the chance! I'm glad you enjoyed The goddess legacy so much :) I still need to get started. Happy reading!

    Visit my FF.

  9. Darkness before Dawn was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I need to continue reading the Goddess Test series. I read the first book, but I need to read the others.

    New follower via GFC
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  10. I haven't read those book. I'm a new GFC follower.

    My F&F -

  11. I vote Pushing the Limits!! Just finished it last night and it was awesome! :) New GFC follower. You can find me over at Rainy Day Reads.

    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads

  12. I haven't heard of Savor- it does seem interesting(based on your review). I hope you enjoy your weekend. I am a new follower. I haven't read the books on your TBR list so I can't recommend :(

  13. Hi Kathy! Haven't read your picks, but love the cover of Darkness Before Dawn.

    New GFC follower - Happy FF!

    Renee @ Succotash Reviews

  14. Darkness Before Dawn looks GORGE! :)

    New GFC Follower

    I'd love for you to check out my FF @ Between the Bind.

  15. Oh wow, the Goddess Legacy completely looks like my kind of book - I did a degree in Ancient History and LOVE Greek mythology <3
    I’m a new follower through FF, my blog is here: =)

  16. Oooh, the Goddess Legacy looks great! I'm going to have to get that one.

    New follower!


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