Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mini Review: Zombies Attack!!! by Robert Bevan

*This book is not YA.

It's four a.m.

I cannot sleep.

I log into Absolute Write and find out that Robert Bevan has released a new Caverns and Creatures mini-adventure.

It's now 6 a.m. I won't tell you if the guys survive a zombie attack. I will tell you that I feel like a zombie and I'm going to bed. :D

I had to stay up and read this.

The Plot: (Summary from Amazon)
Tim, Dave, Julian, and Cooper are at it again. They go out for what's meant to be a simple zombie hunt and get in way over their heads.

The Mini-Review:

Just in time for Halloween, Robert Bevan presents a new Caverns and Creatures mini-adventure (short story) featuring Tim, Dave, Julian and (of course) everyone's favorite half-orc, Cooper where they fight zombies!

As with each previous C&C novel / short story, Zombies Attack!! is filled with a wonderfully constructed world where people who thought they were "just playing a game" got sucked into the game world quiet literally. It also contains much of Robert's usual humor, and I'm pretty sure I laughed aloud at least ten times while reading this, which is quite impressive for something of this length. (I think Amazon estimates it at 36 pages?)

If you are looking for something fun, different and funny, Zombies Attack is yet another tale that comes highly recommended. Fans of old school tabletop gaming and comedic fantasy are in for a real treat with this one.


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