Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wicked Valentines Read-A-Thon

Well, well... 

Look what's finally here. :) I've been super excited for the Wicked Valentine's Read-A-Thon for weeks and today is the very first day of a week of super-awesome reading goodness, fun challenges, connecting with everyone on Twitter and just having a totally fabulous time all around.

If you've not heard of the Wicked Valentines Read-A-Thon, it's not too late to get involved. Just click here and add yourself to the linky. Reading can be a very solitary activity and events like this help people come together over the books they love. That's why I love events like this. They bring people together over something wonderful: books.

Anyway, I'm going to set my post up the way I've been doing these events the last little while. I'll show you the books I'm hoping to read, and then I'll leave myself space for taking part in challenges and to update my progress.

My Goals:

1. Read at least three books.

2. Take part in at least three challenges.

3. Make sure the challenge I'm hosting, the Clue To My Heart Crossword Challenge (Thanks so much for the name, April. I love it. :) ) goes off without a hitch.

4. Take part in at least one twitter chat.

5. Make sure I update this post to let everyone know how I'm doing and what I think of what I'm reading.

My Reading List: 

Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion
Page Count: 240
Reason I Picked It: Jay and I are going to see the movie when he comes on the 18th, so I want to make sure I've read the book first. Plus, since I'm dying to read this and it's short, it's perfect Read-A-Thon Material. 

Meant To Be
by Lauren Morrill
Page Count: 304
Reason I Picked It: I've wanted to read this for months and now I finally have it. The extra momentum of how bad I want to read this should make it zip by like sand through fingers if it's as good as I think it will be. 

by Marissa Meyer
Page Count: 390
Reason I Picked It: A lot of my friends have read and loved this and I've had a few people "nudge" me, wondering why I haven't read it. ;) Plus, Scarlet just released and I want to know whether to buy it when I go to Chapters. 

by Carrie Butler
Page Count: 389
Reason I Picked It: I've wanted to read this for months and I'm part of a tour for it next month. Another good thing here is that Strength is on my Kindle, meaning I can read it at times when other books might not be so convenient. 

by Tamara Webber
Page Count: 310
Reason I Picked It: Another book I've wanted to read for a while and for which I've heard much praise. It's another shorter book and also another kindle book. It has all the makings for a great Read-A-Thon pick, provided I like it. (And I thought the sample was great, so my hopes are high.) 
I think I've done a pretty good job at making sure I have a variety of genres and story 'types' to choose from here. I also think that I've balanced the length of the books I'm reading pretty well. I made the mistake in another read-a-thon of trying to read Gone by Michael Grant and learned that really long books don't work so well for me during events like these.


This is where any challenge related stuff will go.


Thursday February 7th

What I'm Reading: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Number of Pages Read: 4 (Yes, I am serious. 4. Been sick. :( )

My Thoughts So Far: This already has me biting my nails and I've barely started. If it keeps this up its going to be very intense and exciting but also hard to stay focused. I can be a bit of a wuss. ;)

Friday February 8th

What I'm Reading: N / A

Number of Pages Read: N / A

My Thoughts So Far: N / A

Saturday February 9th

What I'm Reading: N / A

Number of Pages Read: N / A

My Thoughts So Far: N / A

Sunday February 10th

What I'm Reading:

Number of Pages Read:

My Thoughts So Far:

Challenge: Wicked Valentine's Ball

Well, well, a wicked read-a-thon would not be complete without its ball, would it? Very happy to see that Kimba is doing this again, as I find it really fun. Well, enough with the intro. Let's get to the dress, the date and the mode of transportation.

The Mephisto Covenant
by Trinity Faegen

My dress is long and flowing with a blue velvet bodice and silk skirts. The material is a deep black-blue that shifts colors in the light. I chose this dress because I felt the colors would blend with the night, since it will be dark earlier due to this being winter, and because it will contrast with the snow outside and the (likely soft, so that it will be flattering) light within the premises the ball itself is being held in. Unlike Sasha's, my hair would likely be partially up and have a blue velvet rose clip holding it in place. Also, I'd likely wear boots in (yet again--snow) and then change into silver heels. (Silver is color, gold is warm. Therefore I think silver looks better with this shade of blue. Since shoes aren't shown here I'm improvising.)

Wicked As They Come
by Delilah S. Dawson

Hello there! *wink* *tries to act normal in front of others attending the ball*

I think that going to a ball with Criminy Stain would be really fun. He has a fantastic sense of humor, seems like a really likable guy, and is intriguing and paranormal without the annoying side effects of being broody or possessive / pushy that could really make an evening drag. (I'll pass on that!) Figuring out how to get him from Sang to Earth might be a little tricky, but if people can travel the other way, it can't be impossible? (I hope?) We'll just have to be extra careful not to accidentally bring any blood bunnies with us. That could cause a few "awkward" situations. ;)

Flirting In Italian
by Lauren Henderson

Okay, I',m wearing a dress that is numerous sizes too small and bringing a date from another demension, so lets keep the crazy train rolling, shall we? ;) In real life I'm absolutely Terrified of scooters, but they look so cool and I've always been particularly fond of the one shown on this cover. So yes, wearing our totally crazy ball get-up, in the middle of February, Criminy and I are going to come cruising in on this thing. And hopefully I'll still be in one piece when we get there. *laughs*

Well, there you have it, guys! I'm all set to go with a dress, a date and a ride. I can't wait to see who else will show up, who they'll be with and how they'll get there. Have fun getting ready! 

Monday February 11th

What I'm Reading:

Number of Pages Read:

My Thoughts So Far:

Tuesday February 12th

What I'm Reading:

Number of Pages Read:

My Thoughts So Far:

Wednesday February 13th

What I'm Reading:

Number of Pages Read:

My Thoughts So Far:

Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and check out my Wicked Valentins Read-A-Thon post. If you are taking part in the read-a-thon or have any thoughts on the books I've chosen to read, I'd love to know what you think so feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Nice set of books Kathy Ann. I'm going to sign up for this Read-a-thon and hope I do better than the last Read-a-thon I participated in LOL

    1. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't. But I always have fun. :) That's the real goal as far as I'm concerned. :)

    2. That's my problem Kathy most of the time I'm too busy visiting blogs and chatting to people on Twitter regarding the Readathon that I don't do as much reading as I should LOL

      I love your blog desigh.

      If your blog is mainly about YA pls consider listing your blog on YA Blogosphere, a directory listing for all YA-related blogs.

      BTW here's my #WWReadathon post.

    3. Kathy how did you do your slideshow for your Favorite blogs?

    4. To do the scrolling friends list (or scrolling anything, really) just follow this tutorial at

      Thanks so much for the lovely compliment about my design. Glad you like it!

  2. Ooh, Meant to Be is supposed to be really cute :) Looking forward to what you think!

    Here are my goals if you'd like to have a look.

  3. Awesome books..I have Meant to Be..and want to read it..but my girls borrowed it and I am still waiting..LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Currently reading Cinder too. Can you pls let me know how you have the threaded individual reply option for each of your comments? I can't seem to find that setting on Blogger :(

  5. Great goals :) I would love to read Cinder, as well. happy reading!

    Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  6. I just read Easy and it was lovely! It was a fast read too, so great for the read-a-thon. I hope you love it! ;)

  7. Great books for a read-a-thon, Kathy :D

    Ok, I've read only 2 of them, Warm Bodies (already read it twice, loved it, although I loved it even more when I re-read it a few months ago, so I hope you're enjoying it) & Cinder, I just read it last month, and loved it, really fun, so I hope you'll enjoy it, too :)

    I've wanted to read Easy & Meant To Be, but still haven't, but perfect reads for a Valentine read-a-thon :D

    I hope you'll reach your goals, so happy reading!

  8. I love your dress choice for the ball! Gorgeous!

    Hope you're enjoying your books so far - I really want to read Warm Bodies and Easy, heard some amazing things about both of them. Happy reading! :-)

  9. Love your dress and cute transportation.

    My Ball preparations are here

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