Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kindle Fire HD is Coming to Canada!!!

Today as I was going through my facebook feed, I found that had posted an update with a link to this:

I've been intrigued by the idea of owning a Kindle Fire from the moment they first released, but was obviously deterred by the fact that they are not directly available here. Sure I could have bought one while in the states, but I'm one of those paranoid people who would worry about whether it will work--at all--when I got it home.

To me this seems like pretty exciting news, so I figured I'd start a thread to see what thoughts others could add.

-- Does anyone outside the US have experience with Kindle Fire coming to your country? Is it worth getting if you're not from the states?

-- My logic in getting a Fire would be to use it as a tablet. (And, of course, to read. Though I'm sure I'll still keep my regular kindle around as well--longer battery life + e-ink). Has anyone else used the Fire in this manner? How does it stack up? What advantages or limitations does it have next to a 'regular' tablet? Next to an iPad?

-- If you own a Fire in general (anywhere in the world) are you happy with it? How do you use it / what has it improved for you?

-- Does anyone have advice on which model is the best choice? Which accessories are must haves? Which bluetooth keyboard(s) work with this device? Which apps are the most handy / interesting?

-- My fellow Canadians: Are any of you excited about the release of the Kindle Fire here, too? What are your hopes? Concerns?

Anyway, I hope there are others who are interested in this too and I figured it was worth a try. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Have a great day!


  1. I too was excited when the Kidle Fire first came out and couldn't wait for it to be available in the UK.

    However - I'm one of those people who likes to work on a biggish screen. I purchased a Kindle 4 bookreader, which I love, but when the Fire became available over here debated about whether it was worth purchasing another e-reader (albeit with tablet capabilities) or buy a larger tablet. In the end I went for a 10.1 tablet, which is small enough to take with me when travelling, much lighter than my laptop, and has a bluetooth keyboard case, so it is just like a small touchscreen laptop. I love my Kindle reader though, and still use it for e-book reading. For me, there didn't seem much point in having both a Kindle reader and Kindle Fire, since it seems the Fire will do everthing the e-reader does. (Although I take your point about the e-ink and battery life) This is a personal preference though and others might think differently. At the moment I don't regret not having gone for the Kindle Fire but then I've never actually used one so I might be deluding myself! My advice would be to try a demo model in a store, if possible, before committing yourself to anything.

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