Saturday, May 25, 2013

She Lives... Talking About What Will Be Happening in June.

Plenty. Even though I'm still not back at 100%, I am thinking about how I want to handle my blog once I get my new laptop next weekend / get my desktop in for repairs. This post is mostly about my goals for that, and I'll share a little bit of update news for Promise Me Forever.

First, the blog. Because we all know it's been horribly neglected.

For a while now, I've been saying that my review system is no longer working for me. I've read some really great (and some not so great) books this year, but I just get this feeling that I'm saying the same things to you guys over and over. My review system worked fabulous when I started the blog. It helped me make sure I covered all the aspects of writing / books that I care about. But now it has become a bit too much of a mold. So... I'm here to present my new review setup.

Kat's New Review System: 

Each review will continue to begin with an image of the cover, as well as my thoughts going into the book / why I picked it. I feel that this gives my reviews context and that it's often the most "me" part of them. I like doing this part and don't want to lose it.

This is exactly what it looks like: a header for me to put the book summary under. I'm not going to be putting my thoughts on actual plot structure here anymore, though. Some books make me wanna talk plot; some don't. I think, by this point, people know I read the books that I review. I don't need to "prove" it as though my readers are my fourth grade teacher and I'm giving a report. (How freeing this feels!)

This is where you'll get my reaction to the books I read. I'll still be talking plot, character and romance like I always have. But I'll be judging what and when to say stuff based on the book, rather then my review outline. My reviews are likely going to be shorter and more to the point (*hopes, prays*). I don't know whether people are benefiting from the two hours to write reviews I do on here and I know my reading isn't increasing from them at this point.

Much like my old "In General" tag, this is where I'll sum it all up and put my rating of the book up for your use. This part is pretty straight forward, and generally where I grab the quote I use for my BOTM picks.

Other Blog Stuff:

I'm still sorting out how I want the rest of my schedule for the blog to go, but I can tell you that I do want to do more discussion posts, I will be putting up teasers from my writing and telling you guys how that is coming along, and I will be very happy to get back to being involved with cover reveals, blitzes, etc. (You have no idea how many came out this month that I didn't sign up for because of all the tech grief.)

That lovely new header on this post, "What's Up This Week?" is probably going to take the place of Stacking the Shelves / Shopaholic Sunday, in that I'll still share what I've purchased, but I also want to share what's going on in my life. I don't always buy books, and honestly (this is going to sound absurd, but it's the truth...) I'm tired of the pressure that trying to do a weekly "What did I buy?" has put on me. I'm not, for lack of a better term, an aggressive reviewer. Publishers aren't trying to break down my door to give me books, and honestly, that's a good thing. When I *do* get a book of NetGalley I make sure it's something I'm going to read. But getting books from publishers, in my opinion, often involves a committment that I can't keep AND write at the same time.

*NOTE: In no way am I implying that any of You have put me under pressure to do a book buying topic: that's totally on me and it's time I dealt with it because my bedroom looks like a damn library. :P

The next few weeks will be a growing and shifting period here at I Write, I Read, I Review. But like anything else that grows over time, changes were bound to happen here. I thank all of those who have stuck with me through all of this and who continue to read my posts. It means a lot.

And Now, Some Promise Me Forever Updates: 

I'm currently writing Chapter Six of this novella and I'm currently about half way through the plot outline I set up before I began. I'm totally thrilled with how this is going and I'm having a blast getting to know Lila and learning ever more about Kyden. Lila may well be the most gutsy, take-no-prisoners heroine that I've ever written. She has someone she wants to protect (her little sister, Blossom) and damn if that hasn't made her fierce. I totally can't wait for you all to meet her. :)

The latest word count sits at approximately 16,000 words. I started writing this draft about two weeks ago, and it's already come so far. I'm totally thrilled with this progress!

As always, thanks for dropping by! Just think... One more week and this place should return to some semblance of actually being alive. C'mon, June 1st! I want my new laptop!


  1. Sounds like a really great new way to get your thoughts out in a fresh way. I always think about changing it up too, but then I never do! LOL Hopefully your desktop gets fixed and you enjoy your new laptop!

    1. I'm getting posts all set up (Yes, actually trying to be ahead so blogging and writing will co-exist... *hopes, prays*) and it worked well for the novella I reviewed. What I may end up doing, depending on how things go, is using both forms of review depending on whether a book needs them. I just found my older method a pain when reviewing a non-romance, a novella, etc.

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  3. Sounds like you've been busy! Did you get your new laptop? I think redoing how you write reviews is a good idea if you don't think it's working for you. As bloggers I think we're always learning and growing and that's a good thing. I know my reviews from the early days are much different from how they are now. I don't have a 'set' way of doing it and I don't break it down, but there are always elements I try to include. I hope everything with your writing continues to go well!

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