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Updates: Writing News, PC Troubles and Sorting Everything Out

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been on here as much as usual lately. Initially, it was just the fact that I am writing stuff as well as reading and blogging. Unfortunately, my computer got some crazy virus from Windows Update (!!!!!!) last Wednesday (nearly two weeks ago) and I'm going to have to take it into the shop. It's been keeping me back from getting work done here and on my current projects writing-wise, and it's keeping me from signing up for stuff (seriously--I have like four things in my mail that I'd LOVE to do but since I don't drive I can't control *when* my PC will go in or come back. I'm gonna have a blank zone for a few days soon and I can't have something scheduled then.)

I'm still sorta having trouble sorting out how I want to run this blog and write. I'm doing a LOT of writing right now. (Well outlining right now--I was writing before things went crazy with the PC. And yes, thank goodness, all my work is safe.) I have probably 15 to 20 books I've read in the last couple months that I haven't reviewed yet. Heck, I have video reviews for some of these on my camera. (Those aren't up because of PC grief.) Here's the thing, though: I feel like I keep telling you all the same things again, and again, and again. I know they're about different books, and characters, and romances, but something really isn't working and I can't put my finger on what it is.

Okay, enough whining. Let's talk about some good and exciting stuff, shall we?

I'm sure by this point, most of you who visit often know what this is. *points at Sealer's Promise cover*. Well... The reason you haven't heard much about it lately is because it's going through re-writes from Hell. And that is still very much the case.


Today I want to announce that the Sealer Saga will be getting two prequel anthologies, Twilight of the Gods (Sealer Saga Anthology #1) and Parting the Veil (Sealer Saga Anthology #2). I will be releasing three novellas in each of these and they will be available both as individual downloads and as the above-mentioned anthologies. And today, I'm going to share the working (meaning: this could change) title and summary for the first story in Twilight of the Gods...

Promise Me Forever
(Sealer Saga Prequel Novella #1)
by Kathy Coleman
Before he became the God of Plagues...

Before the Veil between Zynedia and Earth was parted...

Before he vowed to protect Sarena Lengton...

Kyden loved Lila.

Determined to save her little sister Blossom, Lila has come up with a foolproof plan. At this year's Festival of the Wind, she will offer herself as a consort to Kyden, the Lord of Healing--if he will save Blossom's life. Of course, whether the plan is foolproof because it will work, or because only a fool would trifle with a Sealer, is anyone's guess. But Lila's mind is made up: Blossom's life is in danger, so she must try.

After living nearly nine thousand years, Kyden is sure he has seen and done everything--until his new consort starts to make demands. Equal parts annoyed and amused, he denies her request. But when her life is put in peril, Kyden does the unthinkable--he bends to a mortal's will.

With Lila at his side, Kyden feels alive again. But a jealous Goddess will stop at nothing to make Kyden her own, and when the dust settles nothing will be the same. People say love can heal all wounds. But is it strong enough to keep two people together when someone is willing to destroy the heavens to keep them apart?

The winds of change are about to howl.

The art I'm thinking of buying for the cover can be found here, for anyone who is curious. :) (As with my title and summary, this is "working"; if someone else buys it before I do this will change. Why haven't I bought it yet? Because I view putting a cover on a book my reward for completing it... or at least *thinking* I have. ;) Yes, I'm quite likely an odd duck.) 

Next, I'm sure some of you have heard a bit about a little project I've been working on called The Mansion You Stole. I believe I said I had written roughly 17,000 words of it the last time I posted? Well, because of PC troubles the word count hasn't budged this week. But it now has a new title, a summary and a potential cover. (Same rules of logic apply that I stated for Promise Me Forever). 

Sweet Rebellion
(Maple Springs #1)
by Kathy Coleman
Megan Sinclair leads a double life. To the outside world, she is the daughter of a wealthy record label executive. A spoiled rich girl who fled Toronto for the little town of Maple Springs to escape imaginary problems. To Dazzle Records she is Claire Walker, a brilliant songwriter and guitar prodigy. When Megan decided to quit writing for Dazzle three years ago to pursue a college degree, she never imagined the consequences of her choice could be so dire.

Determined to get his songwriting machine back, Megan's father sells the house she's been living in to Clay Freeman. Once Dazzle's fastest rising star and Claire's former writing partner, Clay cut all ties with the "guitar genius" a year ago when she refused to work with him on a new single.

Now, Clay is Megan's only hope of retaining the life in Maple Springs that she has come to love. He has no idea that she and Claire are the same person--or that Megan has harbored a huge crush on him during their entire co-writing career.

Megan knows that she'll have to tell the truth eventually if she wants a chance at anything real with Clay. But as she gets to know him, and falls totally in love, will she have the courage to speak up knowing it could end things between them... forever?

And for those who are curious, here is the cover I'm thinking of buying for Sweet Rebellion. This one is pretty likely, since I want to sorta 'brand' the Maple Springs books this way. (Yes, I do have more planned. No, I'm not saying any more about that today. I've got too much going on as it is. :) ) 

And now for what is likely the biggest piece of news regarding these two stories: I am hoping to have both Promise Me Forever and Sweet Rebellion released by the end of 2013. I'm not going to say I *will*. But I will say that is my hope / plan / goal. If things go as I want them to, Promise Me Forever will release this July / August, and Sweet Rebellion will come out in November / December. 

And now, with that crazy announcement, I'm going to close this. Because I have seven zillion tons of work to get done if I want to make this happen. Thanks so much to those who continue to follow I Write, I Read, I Review despite all the crappy (or non) scheduling that happens when I write. I truly do appreciate it. 

So, are you excited about Promise Me Forever or Sweet Rebellion? Do you like the covers I'm hoping to buy for them? I'd love to know. :) 


  1. Ooh that cover is gorgeous, doll! Hope you get your PC issues fixed soon that sucks balls! I have Windows with a passion! >.<

    1. Yeah, 3 of the 4 things are from you. Don't want to have the PC trapped at the shop. >.<

      And yes, SP's cover is lovely. (And saved in about six locations so I know nothing will happen to it.) The way the scheduling for everything has turned out isn't what I expected, but that's how life goes. :)

    2. You are really good at synopses. Both sound *very* enticing. =) And the covers are lovely. I like the sexy quality to SR, while the tone of PMF is softer. They speak well to the feel of the stories' summaries.

      Keep writing. <3

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