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Sealer's Promise: Add It On GoodReads Giveaway!

This has been a long and challenging year for me as a writer, and my objectives have shifted and changed as the year has progressed. I have several projects in the works, but today I'm here to talk to you about the one which is probably the nearest and dearest to my heart.

Sealer's Promise.

I am finally working with all of the beta feedback that I have been given, and am in the process of writing my final draft. The book will be releasing Q1 of 2014. That's what we are here to celebrate today.

I'm thrilled to share the book's new synopsis, give you a taste of Chapter One, link you to its freshly created GoodReads page, and reward all of those who support this story with a chance to win a giveaway! Read on for complete details!

Check Out The New Synopsis! 

Some promises are meant to be broken.

After witnessing a murder where only a skeleton is left behind, Sarena Lengton knows it will take more than police to catch the killer. The Kindred, magic wielding beings who came to Earth five years ago, must be told that one of their people have gone rogue.

The plan is simple: go in, hand over the evidence, and get out.

When a mix up shows that Sarena has the potential to use magic, her simple plan gets shot to hell. The daughter of an infamous anti-Kindred assassin, the last thing she wants is to be anything other than human. Even if her new powers come with the bonus of being around handsome, mysterious Kesyl Veradayne.

But if Sarena wants her normal life back, there is only one man willing to give it to her. Zakariah, the God of Judgement, is desperate to obtain a physical form. He will free Sarena of her powers and bring her family together again--if she will give him Kesyl to use for his new body.

Sarena thought she would do anything to be normal again. Now she has to make a choice: between the life she had and the man she loves. The future that could have been, or the one happening right now.

And she must hurry, because Zakariah won't wait forever.

Oh, look! A Release Date! 

Sealer's Promise will be released on February 4th, 2014

Add It On GoodReads!

Yes! I finally made a page for Sealer's Promise on GoodReads. It would totally make my day if you'd take a moment to add it to your TBR pile. If you want to do that, click here

Read An Excerpt from Chapter One... 


For two weeks Kyden had been missing. For two weeks Sarena hadn't slept.

Now was not the time to be behind the wheel of her crappy '98 Sebring. Yet here she was, jockeying for position so she could make the hairpin turn that would let her cross the street and enter the parking lot outside her townhouse.

The crustini sitting in the Angelo's bag beside her tried to make a turn of its own, like it was being pulled by some magnetic force toward the floor. Reaching over, Sarena kept the meaty, cheesy goodness from meeting an early grave. It had a date to keep with her stomach in about five minutes.

She turned off the car, a sigh escaping her lips at the sudden blissful silence. Unbuckling her belt and opening the door, she grabbed her lunch and headed for the porch.

The house was in way better condition than her car. Cherry brick with a wooden veranda coated in a fresh layer of white paint, it oozed a certain elegance and charm.

Even if it no longer felt like home without Kyden and Cait.

Still juggling the crustini and her purse, Sarena managed to slip her key in the lock and turn the knob on the front door.

"She's not here." There was a pause which Sarena's roommate, Jessica, likely left to inflict maximum bitchiness on her hapless victim. "Why would Cait be here anyway? She moved out almost a year ago. Thank God."

Sarena walked down the hall, picking up speed as she rounded the corner that allowed her to peek into the kitchen. She stopped in the doorway, reaching out to keep herself from tripping over her own feet.

What the hell was Avish Grendell doing here?

"Then what's her new address?" Avish asked.

Sarena backed out of the doorway, glad no one had noticed her. She didn't need Jessica using her as a scapegoat so she could get out of this game of twenty questions. Sarena didn't like the way Jessica was talking about Cait. But she liked Avish even less. Cait had dated him during their first few months at York University, and there had always been something about him that put Sarena on edge.

"How the hell should I know?" Jessica stared up at him like he was an insect about to get squashed under her shoe. How she didn't feel the holy shit he's creepy vibe that rolled off him Sarena wasn't sure. "You should go find Sara. After all, Cait's her friend, not mine."

He took a step closer to Jessica, totally invading her personal space. Whatever creepy factor he'd had back then was was still present and accounted for now. No way was she getting in the middle of this. Avish could find Cait on his own. The longer it took him the better.

Trying not to make any sound, Sarena started to turn around and head back to the front door. She had taken three steps when a bloodcurdling scream that belonged on the set for a horror film filled the house.Turning back toward the kitchen to see what the hell had happened, Sarena's hands went slack and the bag holding her lunch dropped to the floor.

Jessica had been rude. She'd made fun of Cait, and thirty seconds ago she would have been on Sarena's shit list. But Sarena was pretty sure she hadn't taken that thirty seconds to sign on as the leading lady in an erotic horror flick called Hump Me Dracula!.

Avish had Jessica pressed against the wall. One of his hands wrapped around her ponytail to lift her off the ground while the other pushed her face to the side so her neck was exposed. His knee was between her legs, leaving her with no choice but to wrap them around him to relieve the pressure on her scalp.

All of this would have been normal for Jessica on a Friday afternoon. What wasn't normal were the fangs buried in her throat. A trickle of blood slid down her neck, headed on a one way trip to the kitchen floor.

Good luck explaining that to the landlord.

Hands shaking, Sarena reached inside her purse and pulled out her cell phone. She couldn't just stand here like a mindless zombie. She had to do something. Turning it on, she stared at the little green phone button, willing it to dial 911 by itself.

What good would that do, though? If she told a 911 operator that someone was drinking her roommate's blood they were going to think she needed her head examined. This was not a situation for the police. Even if they believed her there was no guarantee they would be able to stop Avish.

If they got here in time to try.

Instead of making the call, Sarena pushed the camera icon, switched it to video mode, and hit record. Godless would know how to handle this situation. Footage of a Kindred behaving like a vampire was going to make her mother's day.

But that wasn't helping Jessica now. Her face looked pale and thin; her eyes lacked their usual sparkle. Avish was sucking the life out of her.


For a brief moment Sarena flirted with the idea of doing something to intervene. But if Avish had fangs, what else did he have up his sleeve? No doubt he'd find a way to overpower her, judo and muay thai be damned. Besides, the thought of actually using her martial arts training to attack someone made her want to barf.

Maybe it was a good thing she hadn't eaten the crustini. Yet.

A disgusting slurping sound, like someone was trying to use a straw to get the last drops of soda from a fountain drink, forced Sarena's attention back to Avish and Jessica.

He had let go of her. That was good.

But then a pulsing red orb rose from her body, tearing away every ounce of muscle, fat, and tissue. Avish opened his mouth and the orb slide down his throat.

He was eating her. That was bad. Really, really bad.

On the ground only a skeleton remained where Jessica had been only moments ago. Sarena's cell phone started to slip out of her hand and she tightened her grip on it until she was afraid she'd crush it. If it hit the floor, Avish would hear it.

What was she still doing here? Waiting for an invitation to become dessert?

Backing away from the kitchen, Sarena waited until she was in the main hall before making a run for the door.

As she struggled to get her car to sputter to life she decided that the first person who deserved to see the footage on her camera was Cait. Maybe now she'd understand why Sarena had always thought Avish was two sandwiches short of a picnic.

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