Monday, September 30, 2013

Kat's Fall TBR Pile!

Well, now that Sealer's Promise is finally nearing its end, I'll have time to READ! (Imagine that!) I wanted to do the Top 10 Tuesday topic about Fall TBR a while ago but I was knee deep in doing the re-write, so that wasn't possible. But now that I'm only a couple chapters out, I finally have time to sit down and list what I want to read between now and mid December. Ready to see what you'll likely get reviews for between now and Christmas? Read on! :)

The Devil's Tattoo
by Nicole R. Taylor
An overnight music sensation. A hot rock star (or four), some trust issues and two bands on tour. Have I listed enough variables to create an interesting premise yet? :D I don't sign up for a lot of tours, but The Devil's Tattoo seemed like something I'll love so I'm looking forward to sitting down with my kindle and diving in. 
Crown of Midnight
by Sarah J. Maas
I absolutely adored Throne of Glass, so waiting to read this--especially waiting after it came in the mail!--has been torture. Will we see more of Celaena and Choal together? What does Dorian think of this? And what new secrets and perils will we face during this journey into the realm of Adarlan? I can't wait to find out! 
Wild Cards
by Simone Elkeles
Having read and loved Simone Elkeles' Perfect Chemistry trilogy early on in my time as a blogger, I have eagerly awaited her next series for quite a while. Wild Cards sounds like a totally awesome contemporary read which will give her other books a run for their place on my favorites list. I have been counting the days for this book for a while now. :) 
The Burning Sky
by Sherry Thomas
Magic elixers? Check. An evil Bane? Check. A PRINCE?! Triple check. And the reviews I've read are giving major praise to the romance in this one, which is always a welcome thing to see. This is a new to me author, and I only found out it's historical after I bought it, but I still can't wait to read it. There is just too much "Read me now!" going on here for me to ignore. 
If You Leave
by Courtney Cole
Can the absolute awesome-sauce that is If You Stay be topped, or even matched? I must know, and I downloaded If You Leave onto my kindle the day it released. I've been (not so patiently) waiting to read it since. Now, as soon as I finish 2.5 chapters, I *can*!!! Maddy had her flaws in Pax and Mila's story, but I'm anxious to see her get an HEA and to see *how* she'll get that. 
The Mephisto Mark
by Trinity Faegen
How did I miss the release date for this? Have I really been sleeping under that big a rock? With that outta the way... Holy crap, this is Phoenix's book! Woo! I absolutely must read this. This guy has been breaking my heart from the beginning of the series and I *must* see how he will get a happy ending. The glimpse we got of Mariah in the last book has me intrigued by her, too. I need this now, dammit!
Finding It
by Cora Carmack
I totally loved Losing It and I really enjoyed Faking It. So reading Finding It is just common sense. I really liked Kelsey, despite the fact that our personalities would clash in real life. I think I can say this much about my enthusiasm: it's not going to be dull reading about her adventures to find love. Plus, she's over in Europe. That certainly can't hurt, right? (I love books that are set in places I haven't been.) Another book that will likely be a day one purchase.
by Kendare Blake
Feathers growing under someone's skin? A fever that can eat a man's flesh? And that shit is happening to the Greek Gods? Yeah, you bet I'm right there. I grabbed this a couple weeks ago (how could I not?!?!) and it's been testing my resolve to get my writing done before I open it up. (Maybe I should set it on my table during these last couple pesky chapters?) I totally loved Anna Dressed In Blood, and I love Greek Mythology--and seeing what people can do to it. So yeah. I have to read this. 
Shooting Scars
by Karina Halle
Earlier this year I read Sins & Needles and On Every Street and totally loved both. Karina Halle has a way of writing characters that are fascinating shades of gray--you cannot predict what they will do from one moment to the next, but you are taken so deeply into who they are that you want them to succeed regardless. After the way Sins & Needles ended (OMG) the fact I haven't opened this and started reading is shocking. I'm really looking forward to it! 
by S.T. Bende
Norse mythology? Going away to university on another continent? Loves books? Winds up dating a Norse God? Has visions that might be able to stop Ragnorok? Ummm... Yeah. To say this grabbed my attention would be a massive understatement. Another book that's been sitting on my kindle and waiting for me to have time to read. I read and really liked the sample for this, and I'm honestly very eager to open it up and read the whole thing. 

Have you thought about what you're going to read this fall? Are we reading any of the same things? Feel free to let me know in the comments, or link me to a post you've made about it. 


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