Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Blogging Resolutions

The Book Blogger New Years Challenge is being hosted by Parajunkee's View.

I'm a bit late to this party, but this post was long overdue anyway. I'm honestly a bit hesitant to do this post. Resolutions always seem so negative to me--they often end up being promises made that we (or at least I?) have no intent of keeping. So instead of focusing on things I wish I would do, I'm going to focus on things I want to do. There are big changes on the way for I Write, I Read, I Review. I may as well lay 'em on the table for you all right here.

1. I am going to read for the love of reading. As a writer, if I lose sight of this it's game over. And I must admit that there are times when I am trying to juggle blogging, read, and writing where this can make me get really overwhelmed. That's why this year I'm going to focus my attention on my writing, and read what I want. For the time being I'm going to close review requests so I can get things back in order. If I'm not giving my all here, then something is wrong and I need to address that before I can help others.

2. I am going to focus my blogging on the things I am good at: picking books I love and actually DISCUSSING them, rather than vaguely reviewing them. (Don't misunderstand--I do still intend to review books. This is something else!) I am finding that, as I head toward my third year of blogging, everything I have read is becoming this muddy brown blur. That has to stop. That's absurd. I'm also going to be doing posts about writing--both my process and advice that may help other writers (hey, one more opinion never hurt, hm?) and am going to work to hold my reader related discussions here.

3. I am going to get involved in more social reading events. Read-a-thons? Read-a-longs? Blogging events (like this one)? Challenges? I'm game for pretty much anything if its with others and if it is going to encourage me to read something I *want* to read. I must also remember to be careful, though. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin and that can lead to stress.

4. I'm going to try and comment more. I already "try" to do this. I must admit that sometimes it's very hard. What can one say to a slew of cover reveals or promo posts about the same book? (Something I'm really thinking of a solution for as my own novel heads toward the final lap and toward the finish line.) Even commenting on reviews can be tough. I refuse to simply write "Great review!" as that means *nothing*. At the same time, though, there are times I see someone talking passionately about a book I, too, loved and I want to reach out. But it can be difficult to do this without risking spoilers for other readers. *ponders*

5. I am going to find a way to navigate the social media labyrinth known as Twitter. Three years and I still don't really understand it. You'd think that something where you type 140 characters and hit "post" would be simple. And maybe I'm just overthinking it? But I don't get how conversation is really suppose to flow on there. I'm constantly worried I'm butting in on conversations (which is kinda absurd--if they were meant to be private wouldn't they be in DM format?) I know the basics: don't spam. Don't be stupid, etc. but I guess it's little things I worry about.

Anyway, that's it for me. I'm going to be doing a more detailed (and more far-reaching) resolution list on the 7th as part of Top Ten Tuesday, but I wanted to make sure I put this here.

What are YOU doing different in 2014? What are your (blogging) goals, hopes and dreams? I'd love to know, so feel free to link me up! 


Thanks for visiting my blog. I love comments! Please feel free to tell me what you think about my blog and the things I am posting. I enjoy hearing what others think. :)

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