Monday, April 7, 2014

My Five Favorite Fast Food Fixes

So, this was suppose to be a review of Frozen. But I didn't get a chance to get the DVD, so I'll improvise.

Some of you probably already know that I *love* fast food. But I thought today, since I need a quick and easy post since the one I had planned didn't happen, that I'd share with you a few of my favorite things.

#5: KFC's Toasted Wrap

It's a small, straightforward thing. A chicken strip, lettuce, and pepper mayo wrapped in a toasted tortilla. I like to add bacon and cheese to them. I think I pay something like $2.50 each. If I grab a few of these and a drink, they make a nice meal. Plus, we have a KFC locally that will deliver to my house, so they're convenient.

#4 McDonald's French Fries

As long as they are hot, I think that McDonalds have the best fries around. Crispy, satisfying and capable of making me want to eat just one more, they are one of the things that I most look forward to when I go to McDonalds for food. Clearly there's a reason those golden arches are such an iconic part of their business.

#3: Orange Julius Berry Pomegranate Smoothie

I actually discovered this on accident. I normally order strawberry banana smoothies when I get one from any store, but when I heard that Orange Julius (via Dairy Queen here) had a smoothie with pomegranates, I was curious. Pomegranate seeds play an important role in Sealer's Promise, so I wanted to get an idea what the fruit tasted like. Well... I still can't attest to pomegranate (since there are other berries here, too.) But I can tell you I'm totally hooked on this smoothie. My parents went out of their way on our trip to Watertown to find a store that sells these when we went across the border last month.

#2: Dairy Queen Chocolate Covered Strawberries Waffle Bowl Sundae

First up, I won't lie: this thing is expensive. But it's big, it's absolutely decadent, and if I had to pick an item on this list that you all need to try NOW, this would be the one. I've only had this Sundae once. I was out with Shawn, Kate, and Jay. But oh my God I want it again (and I'm sure I'll get to have it when Jay visits.) The flavors here make sense and I suppose it could be argued that this Sundae plays it safe. But when you add the fact that you get to eat the waffle, which is covered in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberries at the end, it just takes this whole thing to another level. Yum!

#1: Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

I know what you're probably thinking: "Really?!". The JBC is one of Wendy's value items, not one of their (admittedly delicious) premium high end burgers. Yet 9 times outta 10, if I'm ordering Wendy's this is the burger (well burgers--I usually get two) that I want. Why? I hate messy burgers and the JBC keeps things manageable while still giving me all my favorite things. Plus, I'm more likely to eat the veggies on a JBC, where I'll usually order without or pick 'em off any other burger. Lastly, since I tend to buy two of these, I get to enjoy the actual flavor of what I'm eating longer--again, without worrying that it's getting all over my hands. For me, the JBC is the hamburger equivalent of Baby Bear's porridge. It's just right.
So, what's your favorite fast food, and why? Feel free to share! 


  1. Great information there- I'll give the Mc fries anotheer go!

  2. I'm a sucker for McDonald's fries. I consider those an only-once-in-awhile treat but they are good. A lot of times I do a la carte and get the apple slices but they hardly give you any and they remove the peel which has the most nutrition. I mean, fast food isn't where you go to eat healthy, but sometimes you need to stop somewhere and you might not have many options.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge! Here's my A to Z blog post

  3. I've leaned more toward Burger King fries these days; however, I agree it's the temperature that makes them taste good. To your review of 'Frozen' here is a quick summary -- Two Disney princesses make over a billion dollars for the company.

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