Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top 5 Book Buying Habits

My book buying habits have changed a lot from when I started as a blogger, to various milestones I've had in the time I've written my blog, to where I am today. As part of the A to Z challenge I thought it might be fun to share five things about my current book buying habits, as of right here, right now.

1. My Kindle is my go-to device. I never thought that I would EVER feel this way, but after buying a copy of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell in November and then realizing I couldn't see it properly to read it, I got very serious about what I actually bring home from a bookstore vs. what I buy off . I love having the ability to alter the font. It saves me from unwanted surprises.

2. Summaries / back blurbs decide whether I will buy a book or approve a review request. I'm all for a good cover and a catchy title, but it's what I read on the back of the book that will make or break my decision. Especially for people contacting me for reviews. I'm sure as heck not a back blurb guru, but it's something I've spent time learning about and something I've gotten pretty good at using to spot books I'll want to read--and books I won't.

3. Now that I buy digitally (mostly) I buy my books one at a time. I use to buy gigantic hauls of books going to chapters, and on rare occasion I still will. But for the most part I prefer to buy a book, read a book. I found that having too many books unread on my shelves actually made me feel like I was under a lot of pressure to get to them, even when they weren't ARCs. So I'm trying to get that a lot more under control.

4. I've finally remembered that I read for me. You'll probably notice that I have four reviews from books in one series this month. I read all four of those in less than a week. Why? Because that's what I wanted to read. If I want to read, the whole reading thing goes a LOT faster than if I'm trying to analyze what should go up on my blog next. Reading to review, rather than reviewing what I read, nearly destroyed my interest in reading. I'm being very careful how I proceed and I take getting the order right (read > review) very seriously.

5. Despite all this, I have not lost my appreciation for print books. I still think they are totally beautiful. I still cannot wait to hold a copy of my own book in my hands. I still buy certain types of books in print, and I still buy print copies of books I love. I'm just a lot more choosy about what goes on my shelves.
So, what are your book buying habits? Have they changed since you started blogging? During your blogging journey? I'd love to know! 


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  2. Hi Kathy
    I've been putting off buying a Kindle ( still love the smell of paper and to feel paper in my hands) but I'm finding that I'm reading less and less these days - not so much because of my own blogging, which I'm still finding my way with, but certainly because of being online so much and reading other people's stuff - Facebook, mailing lists, blogs, whatever ....
    After I've been sufficiently distracted I'm needing to get on to my own writing and marketing before reading a book.

    Your thoughts about the order you do things in, read then review ,, is very interesting ... Food for thought ...

    Great article.

  3. I love reading e-books rather than print books. I started long ago on a Dell PDA with Mobipocket, long before Amazon bought Mobi and created the Kindle. Like you, I used to buy stacks of books, but felt the same pressure. Now I only buy an e-book if it's what I want to read right that very minute. And great blog! One of the things I like about the A-Z challenge is the chance to find great new blogs!

    Kat Sheridan with Sia McKye Over Coffee

  4. I know what you mean about pressure to read the books you have. My waiting list is about 11 books long and I feel so bad when I get another book that someone recommends that I want to read but I feel as if I can't. Although my blog isn't about books I have also found myself developing a dislike for what I blog about because the fact I wasn't focused on how I enjoy it but how good it will look on my blog. My book buying habits are pretty much the same for years now: Amazon. :)

    Dina Mom

  5. Too many books and too little life is apt for me

  6. You are so right about review what I read vs. reading to review. I have enjoyed reviewing several books by the same author. Nice list!


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