Monday, February 6, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date. Each week we post what we've finished, what we are currently reading and what we plan to read next. We then visit other blogs to see what our friends are up to.

What I Finished:

I finished this and really enjoyed how everything turned out. I think the way that Sofia's interactions with the other characters, and how they change throughout the book, is very interesting.

I received this as an ARC from the author and devoured it within 24 hours--no small feat considering I'm a slow reader and this book was 100,000 words. If you like retellings, historical romance and complex, interesting characters Beauty of the Beast is not to be missed. I would especially recommend this to fans of Beauty and the Beast or Phantom of the Opera

What I'm Reading:

I'm excited to be taking part in #TBRTakedown, and I have an awesome line-up of books to dive into in the days ahead. I'm equal parts excited and sad to be saying farewell to the House of Night series; I'm eager and way overdue to read Catching Jordan; I enjoyed The Summer I Became A Nerd, so Romancing The Nerd shot up my TBR pretty quick; I found out about The Fire This Time on a best non-fiction of 2016 list and have wanted to read it since; and I meant to read The Underground Railroad during #DiverseAThon but didn't get to it. 

What's Next:

These were suppose to get done this week, but the new Fire Emblem came out on mobile and I got Beauty of the Beast as an ARC, so my plans got changed. I don't think either of these lovelies are going to be hard to get through--I bought Red Queen on Audible during a sale, and Adorkable looks like the kind of book I would have felt was written for me as a teen. 

What's Been Going On?

I got my iPad Mini 4 and have been enjoying it for games, GarageBand and voice dictation. I also just ordered a case, longer charge cable, and styluses for it.

I think I'm finally to tackle the rest of chapter four in Entwined. I have the first third done, but there are sections from Lorcan and Rose's pov that need to go down on paper. 

Trolls releases this week on DVD and BluRay. I've been looking forward to seeing that for a while, so it's possible I might pick it up on Amazon, or see how much a rental via YouTube will be. 

So, how's your week been? What do you have planned? Share in the comments, or link to your post and i'll come visit you. 


  1. So many great looking books here, Kathy! The cover for Beauty of the Beast is absolutely gorgeous. Added that one to my TBR. I haven't read any of the others except Catching Jordan, which I really enjoyed and hope you do too. I keep meaning to tell you how happy I am you're blogging again, and I promise to do better about visiting you more often!

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